How to Bring Up a Sensitive Issue With Your Partner

Image source: Wikimedia
Image source: Wikimedia

On April 17 2012, Yeap asked: “How to make the other half confront/face the issue instead of avoid discussing/touching the issue?

Thanks Yeap, for this important question. The short answer to your question is: invite your partner into a safe conversation with you about the issue.

But how do we do that?

When we come across as too demanding, our partners can feel as if we are forcing them against their will. The more we try to pry open their shell, the harder they clam up. Sometimes, by backing off a little and trying to understand their perspective, we can figure out more effective ways of reaching them. Begin by asking yourself this question: why might my partner not want to talk about this important issue with me?

Here are several reasons I can think of.

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