Sex Addiction Support in Malaysia (for men)

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When I first started practicing as a therapist in Kuala Lumpur, I bemoaned the lack of community support available for my clients. Practicing in the U.S., it was easy to get additional resources for clients and help them reach their therapy goals more quickly and effectively.

One of my areas of speciality is to help men with sexual compulsivity, also known as sexual addiction or hypersexual disorder (click here to listen to my talk on BFM about it in 2011). Helping a client work through addictive behavior requires not only personal (and relationship) therapy, but also peer group support. I looked around for a men’s support group but there was none available.

I am glad to announce that after three years of practice in Malaysia, I am starting to see more recovery groups forming. Recently, one of my former clients who had struggled with sexual compulsivity contacted me and told me that a 12-step support group has started, here in Kuala Lumpur, and that he was a part of it. I was very excited and offered to learn more about the group. They were open to meet up with me, and so we did.

The group calls itself Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) Malaysia, and they are affiliated with The Augustine Fellowship, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.

I met them after one of their group meetings. They were a group of well-dressed and educated professional men, locals and expat. No one would have been able to guess that they struggled with sexual compulsivity. After introducing myself, they shared briefly about their journeys and also how helpful SLAA had been for them in Singapore, and now they have brought it to Kuala Lumpur.

What impressed me most was their courage to recognize that they have a problem with sexual addiction, and that they are willing to do something about it to help themselves and their families. And as they talked about the benefits of the SLAA 12-step process with passion and hope, I could not help but see them more as victors than as addicts.

SLAA Malaysia is free, welcomes all, but only men at this time (and they are open to having gay men join). Although they are not religiously oriented, they are spiritual and submit to a “higher power.” They are discrete and confidential, so in order to be a part of the group, it would be necessary to email them and meet up with one of the members before being admitted. This provides a measure of safety for the existing members. Their website [link] has just started, and it is quite anonymous. Having met the men, I can vouch for their authenticity, and have decided to dedicate a post in support of their efforts.

SLAA is a great resource available in Kuala Lumpur. If you struggle with sexual compulsions and behaviors, do not hesitate to contact them. It may very well turn your life around.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) Malaysia

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  1. hey good evening , im from kl and i have going through some sex addiction problem and i want myself from this this kind of activities plz help guys

  2. Hi. I’m going through a sex addiction problem. My marriage is heading to divorce since I can’t control my behaviour. Pls help me.

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