Johnben Loy is back online! Really!

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I admit it. I have neglected my online presence for far too long. My last post was more than 3 months ago, and I had promised myself to make at least one post a month after I launched Rekindle Community.

Worse, I had even promised Meera that I would blog about our topics before we went on air so that we can delve more deeply into them when we go on air. Both January and February exposed me as a promise-reneger.

[Yes, I made up the word “reneger.” Yes, people do frown at me for making up new words. But look, I also made up the word Dynasting and got my Ph.D. for it. K? So ~phhffzzt! Heh.]

The only way to avoid reneging on promises is not to make them. And so, I am not promising to come back online in any regular way. I am just experimenting with coming back online with a blast!!!

Like… I am experimenting with Google+ Communities. Currently I have two communities that I manage: Expat Life in Malaysia and Empowering Men. Both of these started as free adjunct online support to meet the needs of the profile of clients I see. As I can’t possibly help everyone, I figured that going online and leveraging on community-level mutual support might extend the help just a little further.

[Yes, this is a plug for you to come join those communities and make them more vibrant than they are right now. Come on, you know you want to! Ok, just come and say “hi.” Puh-lease?]

Like… I am experimenting with tweets. [That sounds kinda wrong… but nevermind…] I feel like a complete twit for not knowing what’s trending on hashtags. But hey, at least I know how to embed my latest tweet into a blog post. Take a look at this:

Not bad, huh? And is that a catchy tweet or what? I can’t wait to see how many retweets I’m going to get!

The question now is, how do I put up social media icons on my website? You know the cool buttons on the top or the bottom of each article that people click and share and tell the world just how important their blog post is? Or at least to increase SEO, which I am obviously not trying to do. #johnbenloy #rekindletherapy #rekindlecommunity

Wait… do hashtags work on blog posts?

I am back. I really am. This time, I’m back, unplugged, unslicked and I’m going to blog like there is no tomorrow. I promise.

And by the way, I have this lovely garden bridge to sell to you. It comes with a gorgeous British actress who grew up in Malaysia. Link.

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    1. Hmm. Thank you, Joan!
      (Now, I wonder which intern might be willing to actually sit down with me to figure out how to do that? Hint! Hint!)

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