New Blog Focus: Living & Leading Well

Starting in 2018, my blog will have a distinct focus. I will be writing practical, readable articles to help busy executives and discerning homemakers with helpful advice for “living and leading well.”

What do I mean by “living and leading well?” Basically, how to be happy in life and family, and how to achieve success as managers and leaders in the workplace.

The fundamentals for positive living in both family and work are actually the same. First, manage yourself. Second, manage your relationships.

Simple, isn’t it?

Yes, and no. It can be simple to understand but hard to apply. Like Tai Chi, advice on managing self and relationships may seem easy, but it can take years of practice to master. And when you get to the point of mastery, you realise there is so much more to learn! It is a journey without a destination.

Why not just “living well?”

As I enter into my 50s, I see my role shifting. Few people spend over 20 years studying psychology and relational development. Most people busy themselves growing in areas such as accounting, engineering, law, etc. From my unique perspective, I see many leaders with great expertise in non-people oriented functions struggle to lead well. In their struggles, they not only end up hurting colleagues in the workplace, they can also end up hurting their marriages, their children, and ultimately themselves. How? Workplace conflicts and bullying; marital distress and affairs; neglecting and abusing the children; and entering into addictions to cope with their pain — gambling, alcohol, sex, and even drugs.

Here is the thing: we don’t have to give up happiness while pursuing success!

It is possible to live and lead well. We have the know-how! If I can offer some helpful advice on how to “lead well,” maybe the leaders who read my posts may make a difference for themselves, and in so doing, make a positive difference in the lives of those they impact. This is the reason for my new blog focus.

Our world is changing fast. I would like to leave a small legacy of wise-process to empower this generation of leaders to make our world a better and more sustainable place for the next generation. The key to that is, again, learning how to manage ourselves  and manage our relationships. I will show us how, even as I am learning at the same time.

Will you join me in this journey? Send me some questions, in the comments below, on Facebook, LinkedIn, or send me a tweet. What do you struggle with in life or in leadership? What question might you appreciate some advice on?

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  1. Like your narrative. Reflects to some extent on my life. Been there, done all that, got affected and now trying to bounce back to a reasonable level of functioning. Tqs for the article.

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