Now You Can Follow Me on Facebook [Alt: The Attention Economy]

I admit it. I suck at updating blogposts. It’s because I can’t stand bad writing — especially my own. And it takes too much time to write well and consistently. So I’ve decided on the next best thing. I’ve created a public Facebook page.

Johnben Facebook

I got this idea when I gave a talk in Hong Kong last month, and one of the co-speakers in the event talked about the Attention Economy.

Now, I can write pithy status updates and link it to real articles on cool topics like:

  • Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Leadership Development
  • Family Business
  • Systems Thinking & Practice
  • Social Science
  • Mental Health
  • Spirituality (of any kind), and…
  • Anything Deep & Awesome

In our new attention economy, there is nothing like short and pithy to cover a lot of new ideas and research. Come like me there ‘cuz… this blog is going to be for long reads. (But I haven’t made my 2016 resolution yet, so no promises.)

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